Mi Headphones Comfort

Recipient of the Hi-Res Audio quality certification, Mi Headphones Comfort offers uncompromising music quality with higher sampling rates than the standard sampling rates used in CDs.

Designed to look
as good as it sounds

Minimalist design, luxury sound

Travel in style

Mi Headphones Comfort feature a lightweight seamless design, and comfortable headband, with plush, soft PU ear cups that provide a good seal for noise isolation. Available in white. This clean, modern headphone is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Comfortable listening

Listen for hours

Designed for extended use. The environmentally friendly made soft PU ear cups envelops around your ear for a snug and comfortable fit. The breathable pad offers a fresh all-day fit.

Over-ear headphones
with authentic,
superior sound performance.

Put your surrounding on mute

Hear every note with no additional noise

Take Mi Headphones Comfort into the city. The headphones feature a closed-back design which seals music and eliminates sound leakage. Immerse yourself into the music without interruption from the outside world.

Listen to true sound

low 32-ohm impedance

The low 32-ohm impedance allows Mi Headphones Comfort to be used with most phones, laptops, and other portable devices. Thanks to its high quality damping material, these headphones can absorb the impact of internal acoustic waves on the diaphragm reducing sound distortion and improving clarity and sharpness. Mi Headphones Comfort sound is amazingly clear and accurate- no matter what you’re listening to.

Hear the true emotion
behind every note

Stay in control

Control music and calls right from the ear cup

Mi Headphones Comfort offers a unique interface on the left ear cup that gives you full control over your music and calls without pulling out your phone from the pocket.

  • Answer calls(Press once)
  • Previous track(Press three times)
  • Play/Pause(Press once)
  • Next track(Press twice)

Stretchable matte wiring

Wires you up on long music journeys

We've specially selected TPE, with elasticity similar to that of rubber, as the raw material. It is environmental-friendly, non-toxic, and heat-resistant. Now you have quality headphones that are durable, dirt-resistant, and has tangle-resistant wires to accompany you on longer music journeys.

Over 700 reliability tests

Mi Headphones Comfort has been rigorously tested in over 700 reliability tests, and has far surpassed industry standards to guarantee performance and excellent durability, presenting only the best listening and user experience to our users.

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