• Produced with all-new 12nm technology Up to 2.0GHz high performance processor
  • 5.45" Full Screen Display Bigger screen, better view
  • 13MP rear camera Capture in-motion photos with detailed quality
  • 3000mAh battery Go out worry-free
  • AI face unlock Unlock with a single glance
  • 2 + 1 card slots Dual SIM cards and storage expansion

All new 12nm processor
Powerful performance for a smoother experience

Work and play with ease. However you use your phone, this processor’s 2.0GHz clock speed ensures a seamless response time,
and since it’s optimized for use with MIUI 9, it keeps up the smooth-as-new experience even after heavy use.

3000mAh battery
Go out in the world worry-free

The Redmi 6A's processor is made with 12nm technology, so it's less energy intensive and optimized for compatibility with MIUI 9 for long-lasting endurance.

Slender design with a 5.45" screen
A slim, holdable body you won't want to put down

The Redmi 6A was designed to give a broad field of view and still feel just right in your hand.
With a 5.45 inch 18:9 HD screen covering 80.5% of the front surface, it's a cinema-quality experience in a slender frame that fits snugly in your grip.

13MP rear camera
Spectacular photos at your fingertips

Take great photos, effortlessly. The high-quality light sensor coupled with 13 megapixels produces like-you're-there detail,
while PDAF high-speed focusing instantly locks onto subjects, even in motion. Take selfies using the front-facing camera with portait mode + Beautify and get stunning results every time.

AI face unlock
Unlock the screen with a single glance.

The Redmi 6A comes with smarter, faster unlock capabilities.
Simply lift and glance at the phone to unlock instantly.

Dual SIM + Dedicated microSD card slot
Up to 256GB expandable storage

Supports simultaneous use of two SIM cards for data and
phone calls and a microSD card for data storage.

Redmi 6A
The entry-level
smartphone king

  • All new 12nm manufacturing process 2.0GHz high performance processor
  • 5.45" Full Screen Display HD screen that covers more surface
  • Slender design A thin, curved design for total holdability
  • 13MP rear camera Capture photos with detailed quality
  • AI face unlock Unlock with a single glance
  • 2+1 card slots Dual SIM cards and storage expansion

Learn more about Redmi 6A's specs >

* Full Screen Display as used here is an industry term that refers to phones with a high screen to body ratio. Redmi 6A’s screen to body ratio is calculated as display area divided by the area of the glass screen.
*Unless otherwise indicated on the Redmi 6A product page, all data are obtained from Xiaomi laboratory data, product design specifications and supplier data. The testing data may vary slightly between different test versions and testing environments. All figures shown on the product page are for reference only and may not reflect the actual product.

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